World Interiors News — 2016 Digital Marketing

Posted on: 23.04.2016

As the success of the World Interiors News Awards continue to grow, we presented a new look to our client for the digital marketing in 2016. The awards recognise and celebrate the designs that have made the biggest impact on the cultural landscape over the past year, and the big change this year is the categories are opened at intervals rather then the same date. This gave us the opportunity to develop a flexible brand identity which can be adapted and applied to each category. The layout of the mailers have been redesigned with an editorial style and shown here are three mailers from the Retail & Workspace category which opened in January.

Having seen some of the initial entries we're looking forward to this years awards already, and are excited to start work on the print and production for the event night itself.

The filthy team is growing:

Posted on: 31.03.2016

Over the past three months we've been expanding our team here at filthy so we are excited to introduce you to the latest filthy members: Nik and Gareth.

Nik is employed as our senior designer specialising in branding, editorial and print. Nik has a meticulous eye for detail and has an impressive knowledge of print techniques, paper stocks and tea. Originally from Sheffield, Nik has worked at a number of notable graphic design agencies within Sheffield, Edinburgh and Brighton.

Gareth is employed full time to work on Boxpark Shoreditch and the launch of Boxpark Croydon. Gareth was born and raised on the North Wales coast and after graduating he moved to London and worked in graphic design for fashion agencies such as Dalziel & Pow and Checkland Kindleysides. After a few years Gareth went freelance and worked at a number of studios before experimenting with installation art and sculpture at London based studio Acrylicize.

We asked Nik and Gareth for a couple of examples of previous work, see if you can guess whose is whose!


Spectrasoul — Ish Chat 001

Posted on: 25.02.2016

Having recently ended their record deal with Shogun Audio, Spectrasoul have taken the progressive step to release new music under their own label Ish Chat. Having built a good working relationship with the duo over the past few years we were excited to be asked to design the sleeve for the Only You EP.

The basis of our artwork is the bold, geometric icon that was developed for their debut album Delay No More. The icon has become a visual representation of Spectrasoul, so much so that it was decided not to use any kind of descriptive text for the front cover. The back sleeve and centre sticker uses the sans serif font Maison Nue and the sleeve itself was printed on reverse board to give a slightly textured feel to the final product. Future releases will see a single colour change and copy update to create a set releases with a simple, yet powerful identity.


London Grace

Posted on: 28.01.2016

Towards the end of 2015 we were are asked by Eve Reid to create a seasonal design system for her client London Grace, a no nonsense nail bar / coffee shop on Putney High Street. The brief was to create a frame that borders the large windows, enticing customers and passers by to look in and visit the shop. We used a basic nail shape, creating a pattern set in metallic gold applied directly to the inside of the windows. The installation has a high impact especially at dusk when the interior shop, and exterior street lights catch the gold foil.

Eve's company Metamorphosis specialises in Visual Merchandising. Visual Merchandising is not just about making things look pretty, it’s about making sure that products sell. It impacts on the way a store is designed; the way a store is laid out; the stores signage; how the products and services are presented. If used wisely all of these elements can be an incredible lever that can have an amazing impact on sales. 

We Are Hiring

Posted on: 06.12.2015

filthy is a boutique design agency based in Brighton and our studio focus is brand identity, graphic design and art direction for print, digital and web. 

We are on the hunt for a talented graphic designer to join our small, growing team. The focus of this position will be our client BOXPARK, with the opportunity to work on every aspect of their creative output across print and digital media.

You will need three years of professional experience, a passion for design and a keen eye for detail. You will work directly with BOXPARK, have the ability to manage your time efficiently and the confidence to communicate your work in a clear and positive manner. You must have the ability to work in print or digital, with a love for traditional craft and emerging technology. 

The available position is full time and salary will be based upon experience. The application deadline is Monday 14th December. 

Please send your application to and attach a PDF (under 5mb) of recent work or a link to your online portfolio. Successful candidates will be contacted by Friday 18th December.