Junction 2

— 2017 Creative

Posted on: 27.01.2017

The last few months has seen us develop the new visual identity for Junction 2, a groundbreaking techno festival in London. Using the festival logo as a starting point, we worked with abstract photographer Davy Evans to develop a visual language that was inspired by the urban environment. We then arranged the imagery to create a sense of narrative and started to release artwork as the festival was announced towards the end of 2016.

The result is an evolving identity that builds intrigue and suspense as the festival approaches. There will be a full case study on the filthy site very soon.

Boxpark Croydon


Posted on: 15.11.2016

As part of the wider Boxpark Croydon project we were asked to design the identity, interior layout and graphic application for BOXBAR. The bar is on the lower level of Boxpark Croydon and has been created from four adjacent shipping containers. 

Using 3D software, we took the new brand language and integrated it within the environment. Through tiled chevron graphics, digital display screens and a modular graphic lightbox system, we created a flexible event space that is both on-brand and highly functional.

Bake Out

—The Drive

Posted on: 25.08.2016

We've recently completed the branding for Bake Out, a new chain of bakeries in Sussex. The first is now open on the drive in Hove, and shown here is the typographic logo and signage.  Bake Out wanted to position themselves at the top end of the market, so we chose metallic gold set against deep blue / grey to convey the luxurious aesthetic they required. 

We love working with start up and established business on their brand identities, so if you are interested in what we can do for you please check out our case studies HERE or get in touch HERE.

Stone Ground

—Artisan Donuts

Posted on: 29.07.2016

Stone Ground is a start up company specialising in Artisan Donuts. Based in Brighton and soon to be opening outlets in London and the South Coast we were excited to receive the commission to create the brand identity, brnad photogrpahy and website.

For the brand logo we created an icon inspired by a traditional millstone. The icon is set above typography featuring two raised O's which will be part of the ongoing identity. Working with James French we photographed a set of images for the website and marketing collateral using a screen printed hessian sack and various ingredients used in the the donuts. We also ate the donuts, which are very tasty. 

Lastly we designed and built the website using Craft, our preferred content management system. The site is now live so you take head over take a look HERE.


World Interiors News

—2016 Digital Marketing

Posted on: 31.05.2016

As the success of the World Interiors News Awards continue to grow, we presented a new look to our client for the digital marketing in 2016. The awards recognise and celebrate the designs that have made the biggest impact on the cultural landscape over the past year, and the big change this year is the categories are opened at intervals rather then the same date. This gave us the opportunity to develop a flexible brand identity which can be adapted and applied to each category. The layout of the mailers have been redesigned with an editorial style and shown here are three mailers from the Retail & Workspace category which opened in January.

Having seen some of the initial entries we're looking forward to this years awards already, and are excited to start work on the print and production for the event night itself.