Logo Design

Posted on: 27.01.2014

Branding is one of our greatest passions at filthymedia. From individual logos to complete and coherent identities, we have worked on a wide range of branding projects over the past ten years. From initial sketches to final solutions, we work closely with our clients to produce identities that they feel truly represent their vision for the brand. We have two logo design case studies on our website, one for the music industry which can be seen HERE, and one for our lifestyle clients that can be seen HERE.

Filthy Black Italic

Posted on: 13.11.2013

Inspired by latex textures and curvaceous forms, Filthy Black Italic is a display typeface intended to be viewed at large sizes. The heavy weight and distinctive small serifs have created a typeface best used for headlines and titles, with many characters using rounded drops to emphasise the fluidity of the letters.

To celebrate the launch of the font we teamed up with Brighton-based digital agency FutureDeluxe and music production duo Spectrasoul to create a promotional trailer that embodies the new font, which can be viewed at www.filthyblackitalic.com

We also produced a limited run of Letraset-inspired A3 Specimen Sheets to give away free with the first fifty purchases of Filthy Black Italic. Printed on 140GSM GF Smith Black Plike with spot UV varnish, they illustrate the high quality and style of the font, particularly when used at larger sizes.

Filthy Black Italic is available to purchase exclusively from HypeForType.

filthymedia Studio Wall

Posted on: 25.09.2013

Off the back of Bomb The Box at Boxpark Shoreditch we convinced our landlord to allow Aroe MSK, Kcis & Sobek paint our Regent Street studio wall over two days this summer. Within five minutes the lads were back with a crate of paint and got straight to work. Aroe laid out his name and began filling that while the Serbian twins composed their Space Owl (?) around the lettering. They worked for roughly 20 hours over the two days, all in return for a few cups of tea, and little bit of help holding the ladder. If you’re in town come down and have a look.

Boxpark — Bomb The Box

Posted on: 24.09.2013

Boxpark Shoreditch asked us to collaborate with Aroe MSK to curate the event Bomb The Box. The aim was to utilise the cobbled area outside Boxpark in order to generate maximum footfall for the pop-up mall over the summer months. We arranged for a 20ft shipping container to be painted white and craned in, then got to work with Aroe to organise two overseas graffiti artists to paint the box each Sunday afternoon for six weeks. Bomb The Box gained national and international media reviews, and gave the public an opportunity to watch world famous writers showcasing their craft on a legal site. 

filthy black italic — Behind The Scenes

Posted on: 21.05.2013

We recently teamed up with our pals at Future Deluxe to produce a short film promoting the launch of Filthy Black Italic (our in-house font soon to be on sale via HypeForType). We commissioned a specialist prop company to create two models, one of our logo (which was the starting point for FBI) and a second made up of ligatures from the letters j,n,c & Y.

We used the models, eight litres of black treacle, a paddling pool, two projectors, and our lovely friend Mumbi to capture the raw footage, while Spectrasoul have been working away in the studio on a bespoke soundtrack.