Born Electric 2014

BE '14 3

BE '14 6

BE '14 7

  • Having worked with the same format since it’s conception in 2012 we recently gave the Born Electric event branding a fresh look for winter 2014. Creating a striking but simplistic template consisting

  • of A2 poster, Instagram graphic and Facebook event panel we can update the copy & coloured image for each regional show. Above is the full set for an upcoming show at the Watergate in Berlin.

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Monday, 13.10.2014


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We are 10

10 Years

  • On the 1st of September we turn the ripe old age of ten years old. It’s been quite a journey from the basement flat on Guildford Street to our current studio at 20 Regent Street. To celebrate our birthday (as well as having a few beers)

  • we are working on a new website and have plans in place for an exhibition showcasing some of our favourite work from the past ten years. To keep up to date you can sign up to our filthy newsletter in the top left hand corner of the blog.

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Friday, 29.08.2014


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Shakedown Festival 2014




  • This July sees the return of Shakedown Festival to Brighton & Hove. Keeping inline with last years theme we created a new artist based montage and re-worked the colour system to give the festival a

  • consistent but refreshed identity for this years event. We applied the creative to the SD website, street posters, lamppost banners, billboards & phone box adverts.

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Thursday, 10.07.2014

Wilkinson - Half Light


  • We recently designed the record sleeve for Wilkinson’s Half Light, featuring Tom Cane which was released on Virgin / EMI / Ram Records this month. Half Light is set to be a summer anthem with

  • Wilkinson showcasing the euphoric single as well as his debut album Lazers Not Included at some of the world’s biggest festivals and shows including Glastonbury, Wireless, Reading, Leeds & SW4.

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Wednesday, 18.06.2014


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Boxpark Market Place




  • Over the past eight months we have created the identity, website, app and marketing collateral for Boxpark Market Place. BPMP allows consumers to buy or share items in store, online or on their mobile. The platform features a scan to shop or share app made possible through

  • a partnership with EE & Paypal. Also developed is a fully integrated iPad POS system allowing secure payments for Boxpark retailers across all their sales channels. Above are some examples of the BPMP brand identity and you can check the BPMP online store HERE.

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Wednesday, 14.05.2014

Audio - Heads Up / Stampede



  • Ram Records got in touch and asked us to create the identity and first 12” single for their latest signing Audio. Audio’s production career stems from his time as the in-house engineer at rave distributor Alphamagic during the late 90’s, and to date he has released four albums - three of

  • those on the legendary Virus imprint. Clean lines and simple shapes were the order of the day to contrast his previous identities and unmistakable dark-art production techniques. With an album in the pipeline there will be lots more from us & Audio in the coming months.

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Thursday, 13.03.2014

Seedy Sonics





  • Last year we created the brand identity for Seedy Sonics, a promotion outfit that hosts cross-genre parties at the Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham. We created the icon from interlocking triangles, and applied the same geometric styling

  • throughout all ongoing print and web communications. The industrial typography and rigid structure was chosen as a nod to the warehouse venue they occupy in the city. Keep up to date with all things Seedy HERE.

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Saturday, 15.02.2014

Logo Design







  • Branding is one of our greatest passions at filthymedia. From individual logos to complete and coherent identities, we have worked on a wide range of branding projects over the past ten years. From initial sketches to final solutions, we work closely with our clients to produce

  • identities that they feel truly represent their vision for the brand. We have two logo design case studies on our website, one for the music industry which can be seen HERE, and one for our lifestyle clients that can be seen HERE.

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Wednesday, 15.01.2014

Filthy Black Italic









  • Inspired by latex textures and curvaceous forms, Filthy Black Italic is a display typeface intended to be viewed at large sizes. The heavy weight and distinctive small serifs have created a typeface best used for headlines and titles, with many characters using rounded drops to emphasise the fluidity of the letters.

    To celebrate the launch of the font we teamed up with Brighton-based digital agency FutureDeluxe and music production duo Spectrasoul to create a promotional trailer that embodies the

  • new font, which can be viewed at

    We also produced a limited run of Letraset-inspired A3 Specimen Sheets to give away free with the first fifty purchases of Filthy Black Italic. Printed on 140GSM GF Smith Black Plike with spot UV varnish, they illustrate the high quality and style of the font, particularly when used at larger sizes.

    Filthy Black Italic is available to purchase exclusively from HypeForType.

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Wednesday, 13.11.2013


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PIONEER Artmix 2013




  • Pioneer DJ’s ArtMix is a fundraising program bringing together top global DJs, urban artists and leading lifestyle brands to create original artwork using Pioneer’s industry standard CDJ-2000 Nexus as the canvas. All the proceeds are going to VH1’s Save The Music Foundation to support the restoration of music education programs in public schools. Two of our clients - James Zabiela (Born Electric) & Nervo were invited to submit CDJ’s to this years

  • auction, and we were asked to customise their entries for them. For James Zabiala’s CDJ (Above) we sprayed the deck matt black and designed an asset sheet which was then cut from glow-in-the-dark vinyl and applied by hand to the CDJ. For Nervo’s version we commissioned Brighton graduate Pete Sharp to create a denim jacket style patchwork design. More information and an overview of the all the entrants can be found HERE.

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Wednesday, 30.10.2013


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Shakedown & SD2 Festival




  • We recently created the artwork for both Shakedown & SD2 festivals in Brighton. Both festivals were one day events held over the same weekend at Stamner Park. Acts across the two days included Rizzle

  • Kicks, Labrinth, Nero, Sub Focus, The Wanted & The Saturdays. We created assets including street posters, hanging banners, bus stop and phone box adverts and website skins.

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Thursday, 03.10.2013

filthymedia studio wall







Final Shot

  • Off the back of Bomb The Box at Boxpark Shoreditch we convinced our landlord to allow Aroe MSK, Kcis & Sobek paint our Regent Street studio wall over two days this summer. Within five minutes the lads were back with a crate of paint and got straight to work. Aroe laid out his name

  • and began filling that while the Serbian twins composed their Space Owl around the lettering. They worked for roughly 20 hours over the two days, all in return for a few cups of tea, and little bit of help holding the ladder. If you’re in town come down and have a look for yourself.

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Wednesday, 25.09.2013

Boxpark Shoreditch Collateral





  • Since beginning work with Boxpark Shoreditch in May 2103 we have redesigned all aspects of their onsite communication and signage. We created a consistent visual language that runs through all printed assets whether it be

  • the onsite event posters or a simple no smoking sign. Once the onsite assets were complete we applied the same structure to a range of large format street hoardings, and an installation in Shoreditch Overground station.

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Wednesday, 25.09.2013


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Boxpark - Bomb The Box










  • Boxpark Shoreditch asked us to collaborate with Aroe MSK to curate the event Bomb The Box. The aim was to utilise the cobbled area outside Boxpark in order to generate maximum footfall for the pop-up mall over the summer months. We arranged for a 20ft shipping container to be painted white and craned in, then got to work with Aroe to organise two overseas

  • graffiti artists to paint the box each Sunday afternoon for six weeks. The project was a huge success, giving the public an opportunity to watch world famous writers showcasing their craft on a legal site. Bomb The Box gained national and international media reviews, and if you missed the events you can watch the weekly videos by Fidget Media HERE.

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Tuesday, 24.09.2013

Hospitality Brighton - 8th Birthday




  • We started Hospitality Brighton six months after we created filthymedia back in September 2004. On October 12th we move the event to a new home at the Concorde 2 to celebrate our 8th Birthday

  • party. Times have changed, and we are considerably older these days, but eight years on the popularity of the Hospital brand shows no signs of slowing up just yet. Keep up to date HERE.

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Thursday, 19.09.2013


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Louis M^ttrs - Beachy Head EP




  • Brighton born and raised, Louis M^ttrs is very much a product of his environment, his surroundings and those physical attributes that make up his hometown influencing the narrative he threads through his tracks. His connections to its residents and those people driving in their own respective areas are a key component in Louis’ approach to music making,

  • working with newcomer Elli Ingram and producer Felix Joseph. We were asked by SEG Music to create Louis’ artist logo and two pack-shots for his debut EP - Beachy Head. The video for the lead single - War With Heaven, was directed by Josh Cole, who can claim the accolade of Best New Director from Cannes Film Festival.

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Tuesday, 17.09.2013


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Boxpark Shoreditch - Online Events




  • In May 2013 we were appointed by Boxpark Shoreditch as their new design partner. Since that point we have been working through all aspects of their visual communication including responsive website, blog, app, newsletter, social media branding, online event panels, onsite signage, monthly listings, street

  • advertising, street hoardings and a large scale installation at Shoreditch overground station.  While it is essential that we are considerate to Boxpark’s established branding, we have evolved the graphic language used throughout starting with the online event panels shown here. More to come very soon.

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Wednesday, 14.08.2013


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David Rodigan - Summer 2013

Pull Up Teal

Signal Red

  • We have released two new colour variations of our existing teeshirt designs for David Rodigan ready for summer 2013. This is the fifth & sixth teeshirt in

  • the range that we design, produce and distribute exclusively for Rodigan. They are on sale via his WEBSITE and you can see the full case study HERE.

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Monday, 03.06.2013


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filthy black italic - Behind The Scenes








  • We recently teamed up with our pals at Future Deluxe to produce a short film promoting the launch of Filthy Black Italic (our in-house font soon to be on sale via HypeForType). We commissioned a specialist prop company to create two models, one of our logo (which was the starting point for FBI) and a second made up of ligatures from the letters j,n,c & Y.

  • We used the models, eight litres of black treacle, a paddling pool, two projectors, and our lovely friend Mumbi to capture the raw footage, while Spectrasoul have been working away in the studio on a bespoke soundtrack. To stay up to date with the launch of the video and Filthy Black Italic please sign up to our newsletter in the top left of our blog.

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Tuesday, 21.05.2013


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Hot Damn Son!



  • Initially an underground genre, trap music first experienced mainstream exposure in 2003 after the success of a number of landmark albums. In 2012, a new movement of electronic music producers and DJs emerged who began incorporating elements of trap music into their works. Many producers, especially dubstep and moombahton producers, began incorporating trap elements into their sound. This helped expand its popularity among electronic music fans.

  • A number of stylistic offshoots of trap developed, which in the latter half of 2012 gained a rise in viral popularity and made a noticeable impact on dance music. Hailing from Nottingham - the record label Hot Damn have been promoting the genre through nation-wide parties, compilations & merchandise for the past 2 years. Above is record label identity we created, and the latest teeshirt design, derived from a sample / slogan synonymous with the genre.

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Tuesday, 07.05.2013


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