Junction 2

—2017 Art Direction

Posted on: 24.03.2017

The last few months has seen us develop the new visual identity for Junction 2, a groundbreaking techno festival in London. Using the festival logo as a starting point, we worked with abstract photographer Davy Evans to develop a visual language that was inspired by the urban environment. We then arranged the imagery to create a sense of narrative and started to release artwork as the festival was announced towards the end of 2016. The result is an evolving identity that builds intrigue and suspense as the festival approaches. View the full case study here.

Boxpark Croydon

—Opening Festival

Posted on: 10.11.2016

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th October saw the official launch of Boxpark Croydon. To celebrate the opening Boxpark hosted the first year of Croydon's annual festival, with Eskimo Dance taking over the Saturday and NME following suit on the Sunday. With 2500 people attending each day the festival set a precedent for the kind of events that Boxpark will be bringing to Croydon over the next five years. All 40 food and beverage operators are now open seven days a week, so when you have some time make sure you get down to Boxpark Croydon to see what it has to offer. To keep up to date with everything going head over to www.boxpark.co.uk Photography — www.anthonykeiler.com


Boxpark Croydon

—Press Launch

Posted on: 31.10.2016

Wednesday 26th October saw the pre-launch of Boxpark Croydon! From 4pm, Boxpark welcomed their guests and treated them to a sneak peek of the site, a selection of signature dishes from the tenants and access to the newly built BoxBar. For two hours a stream of delicious dishes from the likes of Mamalan, Coqfighter, Wine & Deli, Poptata and Fish, Wings & Tings made their way to the tables for everyone to enjoy. Once the dining had wrapped up the guests were encouraged to explore BoxBar and have a few drinks to celebrate. For us it was a great oppertunity to see the space being used and the graphic language we created applied to the physical site. The food was very tasty too! Photography — www.cavillen.co.uk

Stone Ground

—Artisan Donuts

Posted on: 29.07.2016

Stone Ground is a start up company specialising in Artisan Donuts. Based in Brighton and soon to be opening outlets in London and the South Coast we were excited to receive the commission to create the brand identity, brnad photogrpahy and website. For the brand logo we created an icon inspired by a traditional millstone. The icon is set above typography featuring two raised O's which will be part of the ongoing identity. Working with James French we photographed a set of images for the website and marketing collateral using a screen printed hessian sack and various ingredients used in the the donuts. We also ate the donuts, which are very tasty.  Lastly we designed and built the website using Craft, our preferred content management system. The site is now live so you take head over take a look HERE.  

World Interiors News

—Awards 2015

Posted on: 27.11.2015

2015 sees the 3rd annual World Interiors News Awards in London, and this year we were lucky enough to go along and enjoy the evening at London's Sky Garden. We've been working with WIN since 2012 and throughout the year we are responsible for all their digital marketing leading up to the awards ceremony. For the night itself we provide event branding, trophy and certificate design, award presentations and this year even a posh toilet pass.  One of our favourite winners were the amazing IRIS light shades by NEO/CRAFT which you can see in our winners mailer here: www.wantoday.com/WIN/2015/37 Photos by Matt Chung / MattChungPhoto.com