The Milk Shed

—Coffee Roasters

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The Milk Shed is a new coffee roasters operating from an historic location in Brighton. Just over two hundred years ago, The Milk Shed was a dairy that supplied milk to King George IV. A tunnel once linked the dairy buildings to the Royal Pavilion, providing a quick delivery route and a cool place to store excess milk. The creative challenge was twofold; communicate this intriguing story and create a brand that was bold and refined, while retaining reference to the agricultural roots of the building.

Slatted batons commonly found on the sides of agricultural buildings and dairy sheds was the inspiration for the logo mark. This vertical pattern forms the basis of a flexible device that connects all of the brand application from coffee labels to staff uniforms.

We used a classic sans serif typeface in two cuts to complement a timeless core brand palette of black and white; reflecting the roaster’s bold values of exceptional quality without compromising their commitment to the environment, or the welfare of their supply chains. A secondary muted palette added a shot of colour to each individual coffee blend.

Referencing the once physical connection to the Royal Pavilion, we designed a tunnel icon with playful storage guidance for use on all the coffee packaging.