The Tree Crowd

— Battling deforestation with coffee & chocolate

The Tree Crowd is a new idea for people who care about where their food comes from. With ambitious aims to end poverty and rewind deforestation in Africa the proposition is simple; support a farmer by sponsoring a tree, and in return gain access to delicious vegan products delivered to your door.

We were challenged by founder Stan Amijee to bring his new social enterprise to life across a complex ecommerce website, social media branding and product packaging. Aimed at an audience interested in social impact, conserving the environment and great tasting food, the identity needed a balance of playfulness and integrity.

We created an identity with a sense of connection and community at its core. From a logotype made from a crowd of c’s, to a bespoke set of produce illustrations, each application focused on being approachable and full of character. A natural, fresh colour palette unified each element of the brand; flexing across both physical products and digital applications.