Viva Magazine

—April 2018


We were recently asked to design the front cover for the Brighton edition of Viva Magazine. Once complete Rebecca from Viva visited our studio and below is the interview published in magazine:

This month’s cover was designed by Gareth Dunt at Filthy Media, a multi-disciplinary design studio with a passion for creating, building and growing brands. Given our theme of ‘the word’, Gareth says: “The brief was very open, which gave us a lot of scope. The thinking behind the design was how I could express the term ‘the Word’ through image-making and not just in type. It was also an attempt to blend some of the things that we love: bespoke typography, iconography, signage, neon…” We love a bit of neon too, and we particularly liked the reference to the sign language article you’ll find later in the mag.

Making up the rest of the Filthy team are founders Joe Pilbeam and Steve Gotts, and senior designer Nik Hall. Joe says: “We started out in 2004. Steve and I moved down to Brighton and just threw ourselves into the local music scene, producing promotional material, branding and record sleeves for nightclubs, promoters and labels. For the first three or four years we were very focused on music industry work. Then from the connections we made through that industry, our name and our work got out and the business has evolved. Over the last 13 years, we’ve worked with some great clients on some great projects.”

One of Filthy’s local clients is the now well-established Flour Pot Bakery. They got involved back in 2011, when the bakery was a small-scale operation, delivering bread to local retail outlets. “It started with us designing a logo,” says Joe, “and to watch that grow into a recognisable local brand has been brilliant.” Flour Pot have since opened five of their own cafes, and Filthy were responsible for applying that brand identity to each of the sites, considering everything from the interior decor to the loyalty cards. Nik says: “We love projects we can really get our teeth into, whether small or a large. If we can immerse ourselves in the brand or product, that’s the sort of project we love.”

Another client that they’ve seen grow is Boxpark, the worlds first pop-up mall, which launched in Shoreditch in 2011. “Our first project was to design a large graphic installation for Shoreditch overground station, which, in terms of scale, was probably our biggest project to date,” says Joe. “Now every piece of graphic communication that you see coming out of Boxpark Shoreditch, whether it’s on site or online, we get to create. It’s very rewarding!” The team launched Boxpark Croydon open a few years later, and are now working towards the opening of Boxpark Wembley later this year. “We’ve been involved with the Wembley site since day one,” he says, “so we’ve had a say in all aspects of the project, from the spatial design to material choice – it’s created all kinds of opportunities for us as a studio.”