FutureDeluxe X

— Past. Present. Future.

A limited edition monograph showcasing the first decade of work from global creative studio FutureDeluxe.

The brief was simple; create a beautiful book to showcase the first ten years of unrivalled digital creativity from the studio. The challenge was not so simple; translate a vast moving image archive from screen to paper without losing the impact and feel of the on-screen artwork.

We used a broad range of paper stocks, inks and print finishes alongside a series of unique slipcases to help reflect the amazingly diverse and experimental work created by the studio. Paired with a simple but flexible grid structure, we let the rich and highly detailed imagery be the main event.

To add a narrative structure we sectioned the book into past, present and future: each divided by typographic spreads using coral and translucent paper. To help answer the challenge of replicating vibrant digital colour we worked closely with Generation Press to test multiple stocks and colour profiles. The result was unique combinations of stocks and ink densities for each section. Other features include an iridescent X on the cover/spine and die cut slipcases.