Junction 2 Festival

—2019 Campaign

For the past three years, Junction 2 has been a one day festival hosted at Boston Manor Park in West London. The location merges natural beauty, green fields, rambling rivers, woodland pathways and hidden enclaves - all dominated by striking industrial features that make the site iconic. Our brief for 2019 was to promote the unique location, and the progression of moving from a one day, to a two day festival.

Working closely with photographer Joseph Ford, we developed a concept that featured two characters as the basis for the campaign. The first character dressed in a white fencing outfit represents the electronica day (1). The second character dressed in a black suit with a mirrored mask represents the techno day (2).

The shoot took place from dawn until dusk, and was photographed at several locations throughout the festival site. For each line-up announcement, we combined a single photograph of each character, creating a sense of intrigue whilst communicating the concept as the campaign developed.

Shown in this case study is a selection of our output from the six month festival campaign.