Jane & Ramin Mostowfi approached us in mid 2019 with a vision to open a new restaurant in Brighton, encompassing their ethos of "doing dining better". This means working with local suppliers, creating minimal waste, knowing where their ingredients come from and prioritising quality in cooking and service.

Working with our brand strategist Emily Penny, we guided the team through a brand platform workshop — creating the name, articulating the vision, mission, differentiator, values and brand proposition.

Moving onto the identity, we devised the brand icon by combining the alchemy symbols for earth, water and fire — representing the restaurant tagline of Land, Sea & Fire. The logotype is a lightly customised variant of Burgess — a simple, elegant typeface, and the colour palette was chosen to convey a sense of warmth & elegance.

Working alongside the interior design team at Stickland Wright, we developed the brand application covering external signage, wayfinding & uniforms. Lastly, we created the website, menus, launch adverts and a range of digital templates for the team to use across social media.

The restaurant opened in late 2019 and quickly became a success supported by locals and visitors alike. With the current restrictions in place, Kindling have taken to supporting their community on social media, sharing recipes and cooking techniques, encouraging their followers to eat well, using sustainable ingredients.

Photography — Restaurants Brighton & Jo Hunt.