—Plant Pioneers

Vegan pizza restaurant Purezza asked us to refresh their brand identity after losing its sense of consistency and cohesion due to a period of growth. Clashing styles of illustration, typography and variations in colour palettes had left their brand looking confused and chaotic. We focused the refresh around their unloved ‘Plant Pioneers’ tagline by developing a new illustration system with tiny people conquering oversized vegetables. Playful copywriting and a bold, stripped back palette united the new identity and drove Purezza’s expansion; opening two new restaurants in just six months.

The brief was to unite a disparate and confused brand identity that had grown organically with the business over a number of years. A major objective was to inject some personality and joy back into the identity and in doing so, help reconnect with their wide-ranging audience; from students and professionals to families of all ages.

Our solution was to refocus attention on their plant-based proposition, underpinned by their unloved ‘Plant Pioneers’ tagline. Pioneers conquer unchartered territory, so we created illustrated scenarios with small people planting flags in oversized fruit and veg. The illustrations paired with some irreverent copy created a playful narrative while a simplified palette increased a sense of cohesion.