Shogun Audio Boxset

—10 Years Deep

Shogun Audio is one of the most respected labels in Drum & Bass. To celebrate their 10th year, the label commissioned us to create a limited edition boxset containing 63 tracks on 6 vinyl, 4 CDs, 1 DVD and a poster detailing the past / present / future of the label. 

So as to not conflict with the back catalogue of 12" artwork, our solution is minimal yet undeniably Shogun. In keeping with the 10 year theme, we suggested a 10” box housing 10” vinyl. The box is all black, with a logo specifically created for the project applied centrally to the lid. Small touches of red and white decorate the 4 sides and the unboxing experience is that of contrasting reds and blacks as you work through the contents of the boxset.

Event photography: Hanna Makovcova