— Casual Luxury

Kulsum Hussin an experienced restaurateur, wanted to branch out and create a smaller, intimate version of her successful Yumn Brasserie at the new Boxpark Croydon. The vision was to produce an outstanding food and service experience for the local community.

"From day one our collective aim was to insert elements of luxury into a shipping container. We wanted to be different from the other sites in Boxpark with an element of our casual luxury feel of our brand". Faisal Hussin, Yumn

Our brief was to create the perfect look and feel for Yumn’s sibling; A contemporary restaurant that has a strong connection to its parent site.

The logomark came from moving the original Brasserie branding forward, making it cleaner, sharper and a more recognisable brand. The roundel, which stemmed from the act of eating, created a modern feel and became a versatile device for the application of the identity. The supporting brand pattern is a graphic representation of a wall detail from the original brasserie. Working with retail design company Metamorphosis, we used the pattern to create a synergy between the brand identity and the restaurant interior - applying it to menus, window manifestations and a feature wall.

"Since November 2016, the space has become many things to many people; a space for parties, special occasions, or just the quiet drink in a relaxed atmosphere. I honestly can’t recall a guest that hasn’t commented on the design elements of Yumn Boxpark!" Kulsum Hussin, Yumn